The NOU is the unchallenged authority on the bird species found in Nebraska.  A committee, formed with the expertise of its chosen members in mind, keeps an official list not only of the birds seen in Nebraska, but also of their current occurrence status within our state.  Each reported rare bird sighting is carefully and professionally evaluated to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date bird list possible.

In addition, the NOU keeps track of the more unscientific bird sightings of many of its members - those keeping lists of birds seen within Nebraska, and specifically within each of our 93 counties. This friendly competition encourages many of our NOU members to discover corners of our state not normally visited.  And this hobby also serves to improve the bird identification skills of its members during the very popular field trips held in conjunction with our NOU meetings, whose venues are chosen in part to facilitate this popular hobby.

The NOU also provides descriptions of and directions to the most popular birding areas within our state. This listing helps visitors and newcomers to our state when planning to visit the various birding hot spots of Nebraska.
The resulting listings of these activities may be explored further in the pages of this pull-down menu.

Explore the pages in this section to learn about the birds found in Nebraska.  When you are ready to venture out into our great outdoors, be sure to take along a copy of the Field Checklist.  PDF