About NOU Weekends

spring and fall birding fun

photo by Janis Paseka © Janis Paseka

NOU meetings are held each spring and fall at various locations around the state, giving participants a chance to see old friends and meet new ones.  The spring meeting is generally held on the third weekend of May.  The fall meeting date varies, but it is always in September or October.

Informative and entertaining speakers provide evening programs to help attendees learn more about Nebraska birds, but the prime attraction is birding in areas of local interest.  Local experts lead all-day or half-day field trips to nearby "hot spots" and opportunities to see new birds abound.

These meetings help people learn more about the magnificent and varied avifauna found throughout our great state while also providing opportunities to benefit from the knowledge and experience of other birders.

We welcome anyone who is interested in seeing and learning about birds.  Come and enjoy the fun!