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Western Yanager photo by Brian Peterson © Brian Peterson

Nebraska is the crossroads of North America, where birds of eastern, western, northern and southern distributions converge, and it is located along a major migration flyway. Within the state's boundaries are birds of eastern deciduous forest, Rocky Mountain pine forest, and of several distinctively different types of grasslands. Consequently, the birdlife of Nebraska is diverse. Over 400 species of birds have been reported in the state.

 Nebraska is large and sparsely populated. NOU brings together those who share a fascination with birds. As a member of NOU, you will become part of a statewide network of people like you. You will learn from others, and share information about when and where to find birds, how to identify difficult species, and more about bird habits and behavior. A founding principle of NOU was that anyone sincerely interested in birds can contribute to their study and preservation. No group in the state is better prepared to help the beginner gain knowledge about Nebraska's birdlife than are NOU members.

NOU PublicationsYour NOU membership brings you
    •    Our quarterly journal, The Nebraska Bird Review, documenting the ornithology of Nebraska and including rare bird photos and regional avian highlights of the previous season.
    •    Our quarterly on-line newsletter, The Burrowing Owl, featuring NOU news updates, information about upcoming meetings, and more.
Your membership demonstrates your support for the only statewide organization dedicated to documenting the ornithology of Nebraska, and enables NOU to continue to develop unique informational and educational resources for birders and ornithologists alike. Every new member strengthens the voice of NOU in its important conservation efforts throughout the state of Nebraska.