Next NOU Meeting

October 22-24, 2021, 2021 at Schramm Park State Recreation Area

The fall 2021 meeting will be held a little bit later than usual, in late October, and at the eastern end of the state at Schramm Park State Recreation Area (SRA). Timing of the meeting will hopefully correspond with the migration of waterbirds through the state and the location is designed to provide a solid based camp where birders can visit Omaha and Lincoln area reservoirs and lakes. Plus, public areas such as Schramm Park SRA, Platte River and Mahoney State Parks, provide numerous opportunities for woodland birds. It will also be very nice just to see people again. More details about the fall meeting will be provided in the next newsletter. Make sure you save the dates of 22-24 October on your calendar!

Join your friends at NOU photo by Janis Paseka © Janis Paseka

You do not need to be an NOU member to attend!